Looking Forward to Fall

Return to Two Worship Services
September 11 | 9:00 & 11:00am

We will return to two morning worship services in just three weeks. At that time, programming will also begin for young fives through 8th grade on Sunday morning during the 11:00am service. See the Fall Calvary@Calvin Guide for further details.

Adult Sunday Classes
Begin September 11 | 9:00 & 11:00am
A rotating schedule of classes are offered for adults on a 1st/3rd and 2nd/4th Sunday schedule. Adult Sunday Classes are made up of various size groups of people that meet for fellowship, education and outreach on Sunday mornings. A full list of available classes is in the Fall Calvary@Calvin Guide passed out this morning or at calvarygr.org.

Save the Date: 2016 Annual Meeting
September 18 | 6:00pm | Calvin College VanNoord Arena
Come participate in this important meeting as we rejoice in how God has blessed Calvary Church this past church year. This year’s meeting will include timely updates on the Grace Beyond project and we encourage you to make plans to attend.

Giving Update & Looking Forward to Fall

Grace Beyond Giving

  • Total Giving Commitment to Date: $17,676,504
  • Cash Received: $10,239,252

Calvary Kids at Calvin: Young Fives-4th Grade
Begins September 11 | 11:00am | Hoogenboom Rec Center
S.S. Adventure is Calvary Kids’ Sunday morning program focusing on the thrill of discovering God’s Truth. Children embark upon their journey Sunday mornings building relationships with a number of their peers and leaders during small group time before coming together to worship Jesus and receive an energetic presentation of the week’s Bible story at Large Group Adventure. After Large Group, children return to their small groups to rotate through various activity stations which reinforce the day’s lesson or teach Bible Navigation Skills. Questions? Contact Carla Boon-Julien at 956-9377, ext. 5067.


Middle School Ministry: 5th-8th Grade
Begins September 11 | 11:00am | Huizenga Track & Tennis Center
On Sunday mornings, we pray that your faith might be strengthened through building friendships, preparing your heart for worship, and engaging with interactive messages from God’s Word. We absolutely love middle school students and want you to experience Jesus through community and biblical teaching. This year we’ll be diving into 2 Corinthians and we look forward to how God will use His Word to lead, stretch and make us all more like Him. Questions? Contact Samantha Heetderks at 956-9377, ext. 5161.

A Story & A Reminder

Testifying to God’s Grace in Obedient Giving
We made our pledge to Grace Beyond which was difficult because my business had been slow for years. It was not money that we had. It was not in the budget, but we felt lead to obey and we did. My business doubled last year, and I’m on track to do more this year than last year. I can only attribute this to our God and our obedience to Him.

If you feel led to update your Grace Beyond giving, pledge cards are available at the Information Center or online. We appreciate your continued financial and prayer support as the project continues onward.

Reminder: Park in Parking Lots Only
Please remember to park only in designated parking lots, not along the road. We appreciate your efforts to keep Calvin’s roadways clear and safe. If you find yourself running late, there is plenty of parking in lot 8 off of Lake Drive during the summer.

Giving Update & Testimonies

Grace Beyond Giving Update

  • Total Giving Commitment to Date: $17,600,416
  • Cash Received: $9,947,484

Stories of Blessings Received Through Grace Beyond Giving
Earlier this year we heard God telling us that it was time to move to a larger house because of the five guests that will likely be with us for a long time. In short, we found and bought a much larger house for less than we expected and sold our house for more than we expected. We know that this was a direct answer to prayer! We have been in this new home for a month and it is working out great!
– Leigh Patten


When we were encouraged to pledge to Grace Beyond, I was not smiling. I said to myself, “Oy, why can’t we just do satellite church services, like other churches?” So I grumbled, and each Sunday morning I had to elbow my way down the halls after service.

You see, I live on a fixed income. I am retired, on social security, with no pension and a portfolio that fluctuates with the wind. But, I weighed the scales: 1) Calvary always prays and prays and then prays some more. 2) I trust my church’s integrity as you see the needs of the congregation.

But, I was not totally happy, I decided to give an extra $25 (not much) to my automatically deducted Calvary Church fund. Amazingly, somehow I didn’t feel the pinch! And, I started to look forward to the progress because I now was a part of it. Little did I know, the blessing was coming. When I filed my taxes, I received a refund that was much more than expected. My accountant said it was because I had more charitable contributions this year. Isn’t that a hoot?
– Barbara Clark

Early last year my wife and children really wanted to move since we were pretty cramped in our 975 sq ft home.  Having our small group over was impossible.  We made an offer on a home that seemed perfect but the door quickly closed.  At the same time our family started praying and asking God what He wanted us to give for Grace Beyond.  We all came to a conclusion on what that amount should be.   This giving would put moving on hold for a few years.  We all agreed obedience was the best decision.

Seven months later God began working circumstances so that not only moving became an option but our small house could be God’s provision for another family.  In miraculous ways, too many to count, God provided us with a house that is way beyond what we ever imagined.  It’s obvious that this is His house to be used to honor him.  We know what Pastor Samra means when he says, “You can’t make this stuff up.”
– Dan & Nicole Crawford

Grace Beyond Phases Update

This week we transition to one service at Calvin College. We will worship altogether through Labor Day at 10:00am on Sundays. As we continue on the Grace Beyond journey, here is a summary of the steps ahead.

Phase Two/Fall
In the fall, we will transition back to two services. Worship services will be held at 9:00 and 11:00am in the VanNoord Arena. Classes for birth through kindergarten will be offered both hours. Calvary Kids (1st-4th), 5th/6th, and 7th/8th will meet during the 11:00am service. Adult Sunday Classes will meet every other week in the North Hall and Science Building. Room assignments and additional information will be available in August.

Phase Three
Lord willing, we will be back to Calvary in December. Please pray that we can be home for the holidays. When we transition to Phase Three, the sanctuary and main hallway will be completed. As a reminder, the other major elements of the new construction, such as the new fellowship area, children’s space and parking lot will not be completed until August 2017. However, we plan to offer Adult Sunday classes every other week and children’s classes every week during this renovation period. Please look for detailed information in the fall.

The final pieces of the project, including the Pastoral Care area, adult education wing and office renovations, are not scheduled to be completed until May 2018.

Praise God for his faithfulness this far on the journey. Please continue to pray for safety for the workers, construction to stay on schedule and excitement as we see God move and work among us.

Parking Reminder

One Service Begins July 3
We will move to one worship service at 10:00 on Sunday mornings, beginning July 3. Programming will continue to be available for children birth through kindergarten.

Parking Reminder
When we move to one service there will continue to be plenty of parking for everyone who attends Calvary@Calvin. However, it will be increasingly important that we use the lots as designated. As a reminder, lot 7, accessible from the blue Lake Drive entrance is designated for those with mobility issues. Golf cart shuttles are available from this lot to the North entrance. Also, lot 6 (accessible from Lake Drive as well) is designated for young families.

Lots 1-5, accessible from the yellow Burton Street entrance, are open to anyone. There is a shuttle available for those who are not able to walk the full distance to the Arena. When you enter these lots, continue as directed by the parking attendants. There is no designation once you enter the lot.

Remember that there is plenty of parking for everyone. More information on where to park is available at gracebeyond.org or on the Calvary@Calvin App. Find the Calvary@Calvin app in the App Store or Google Play store.

Construction Update – A Closer Look

A construction update was shared at the top of Sunday’s morning services. Take a closer look and enjoy a laugh as you see one of Erhardt’s newest employees hard at work.


A portion of the Sanctuary roof has been removed to  prepare for where the Sanctuary will meet the new main corridor that will run between the Sanctuary and the new fellowship space. The big hole in front of the Sanctuary is where the new fellowship space (main level) and Children’s Ministry area (lower level) will be.




This past week new lighting was installed in the Sanctuary. The old worship screen has also been removed.


The parking lot was sorely in need of repair; it is being demolished currently. It will be rebuilt with better drainage and redesigned for smoother traffic flow.



It looks this guy better stick to his day job.