A Legacy of Grace

//A Legacy of Grace

A Legacy of Grace

Construction Update
This past week and the next, fire suppression sprinklers are being installed in the Sanctuary. In addition, a temporary watershed was installed over the part of the building where the old roof comes off. Excavation for the new corridor outside the Sanctuary has concluded. This week the stairs to the upper level from Entrance I were removed and that will make way for a new stairway up to the corridor. Please pray for good weather as the Sanctuary roof removal process continues.

BillyGrahamPoster-052916A Legacy of Grace
by Bev Webb
I had known for some time that my mother received Christ during a Billy Graham event hosted by Calvary Church in 1947. After some further research, I discovered my family’s connection to Calvary went even deeper. It turns out that, in the 1920s, as a young woman my grandmother worked for Dr. Martin R. DeHaan (Calvary’s founding pastor) as a nanny. Dr. DeHaan led my grandmother to the Lord during the time she spent helping with kids, chores and translations for guests. Later, when she was dating my grandfather, she brought him reluctantly to talk with Dr. DeHaan and he soon received Christ also.

In 1947, my mother and sister would continue the Calvary connection when they attended the Youth for Christ campaign and were introduced to the gospel by Billy Graham. Above is an original poster from this event. I am truly amazed at how my family ended up at Calvary Church, having no idea what a significant part the church played in my family’s spiritual history. God is so gracious and good.

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