A Testimony of God’s Provision

//A Testimony of God’s Provision

A Testimony of God’s Provision

This note was sent to the Grace Beyond team and is shared with the permission of the author.

Way back when we were asked to pray over how much we would pledge and give to the Grace Beyond project, I did just that. I was hoping that God would give my husband and I a tidy number and we would obediently give. As I prayed, I heard God tell me, “Just give me what belongs to me.” I was a bit confused because I wasn’t aware I owed him any money. This caused an investigation that involved digging into our financial records. This was very eye opening. As a family we had been giving off what my husband made but never off my checks. Over the years, my income has gone up. Adding up what I made over the last six years, it came to a sizable number that God was asking me to give to Grace Beyond.

Wondering where I was going to come up with that money, I decided not to worry about it because if God asked me to give that amount then he would make a way.

In early April, I got a call asking if I would come along with a family on a trip and nanny for them. We never talked money – I was just grateful for the opportunity to go on a trip. In mid-May, a check arrived for half the amount I owed to the Grace Beyond building project. I happily brought the entire amount to church. In late May, I began a 10-week nanny job. This check completes what God asked me to do for Grace Beyond. God not only asked me to give it, but made a way for me to give it as well. God is that good!


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