Calvary@Calvin 101 Recap

//Calvary@Calvin 101 Recap

Calvary@Calvin 101 Recap

In case you weren’t able to make it, we wanted to share some highlights with you from Calvary@Calvin 101 on March 6.

Grace Beyond Update

CalvaryatCalvin101-Rm208-1  CalvaryatCalvin101-Rm208-2

The Student Space is complete and was commissioned by our students in February, that those who gather in this space would be used for God’s glory.

CalvaryatCalvin101-PrayerGardenUpdated CalvaryatCalvin101-PrayerGardenUpdated4 CalvaryatCalvin101-PrayerGardenUpdated2 CalvaryatCalvin101-PrayerGardenUpdated3

The Prayer Garden is nearly complete as well and will be dedicated in our morning worship services on March 20. It will open on March 21.

Construction Update


Demo of fellowship hall and the surrounding rooms and restrooms began on February 29. As we continue in March, construction crews will begin prepping for and installing shoring towers on the lower level to support construction in the Sanctuary. They will also be clearing the kitchen and relocating operations on a smaller scale to the gym kitchen. In addition, the Facilities Offices will be relocated to the 140 pod.

In April, all equipment and furniture will be removed from the Sanctuary. We will also be loading and moving the semi-trailer and operations trailer to Calvin. Construction on the parking lot begins in May.

Parking at Calvin
There is plenty of parking at Calvin. However it is essential that you come in at the correct entry point for your designated parking lot. Parking lots are designated based on need. We have two main tools to help you navigate parking:

  • Calvary@Calvin App for iPhone and Android Devices
  • Calvary@Calvin Spring/Summer Guide – contains detailed maps as well as information on ministry activities for the April – August

How to Find Help When You’re at Calvin
While we’re at Calvin there will be many people around campus to help you navigate our new surroundings. But how will you know who is just a friendly student and who is a designated Calvary volunteer? Our Calvary@Calvin volunteers will all be sporting the hottest color for Spring – sunshine yellow! Whether you are looking for a restroom or a classroom, our Calvary@Calvin volunteers are here to help. Calvary@Calvin volunteers will also sport lanyards with their name and serving position. Seek them out for whatever you need.

If you have additional questions about the Calvary@Calvin experience, we would be glad to speak with you. Contact for more information.

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