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Grace Beyond is not one, but eight different projects in eight different areas of our facility. Our goal is to address current challenges in our facility that make it difficult for people to experience the true heart of our ministry. Each project addresses constraints within our facility in order to provide exciting new spaces for ministry.

Reconfigured Sanctuary for a Better Worship Experience
Gathering together for corporate worship is the most important thing we do as a church. It is in this assembly that God’s presence is felt most intimately. We want to enhance our Sanctuary so that everyone can have the fullest worship experience.

By removing the balcony we will eliminate many of our existing audio and visual concerns. The Sanctuary update will also add additional seats and make the space more accessible to people with special needs or mobility issues.

Larger, Enhanced Fellowship Hall
One of our main goals at Calvary is to see every believer engaged in authentic Christian community. Our current facility makes it difficult for people to connect with one another. Creating designated space for fellowship signifies that we believe in relationships centered around our shared faith.

Centrally located on the main floor will be a community gathering place — a welcoming, comfortable space that fosters community building and interaction. During the week this area will also function as a gathering place for many of our ministry programs.

Larger, More Secure, Better Quality Space for our Children
The goal of Calvary Kids is to guide children to trust and follow Christ for the rest of their lives. One way that we as a church family will show God’s love to our children is to designate a secure, nurturing space designed especially for their unique needs.

Grace Beyond centralizes Calvary Kids in a new addition built out to the northeast from our current Sanctuary on the lower level. There will be two main entry points, creating a secure destination for parents and kids.

Larger, Better Quality Space for our Youth
God is at work in the lives of our students. Grace Beyond will re-purpose our current Gym to serve as designated space for middle and high school students to worship and build community with their peers. Moving the Student Ministries area to the main level also allows greater opportunities for inter-generational interaction that helps youth develop lasting bonds with the church body as a whole.

A Beautiful Prayer Garden Emphasizing our Commitment to Prayer
Our Prayer Garden is a tangible representation of our belief that prayer is essential to our lives as God’s people. It also reflects our commitment to spend time in relationship with our Creator both individually and corporately. This prayer garden will be a place of refuge and refreshment.

Increased Space for Offices
Currently, many of the staff offices are small and located away from their departments. This leads to wasted time, inefficiency and poor communications. Grace Beyond will provide some new offices, helping to centralize many of our operations.

Wide, East-West Corridor Added on the Main Level
In order to address our internal traffic issues we will create a wide corridor outside the Sanctuary that will guide people through the building. In addition to adding a corridor around the Sanctuary, this will add multiple entry and exit points to the building which will greatly improve the flow between services. This will also help to eliminate distractions we currently experience in our worship services.

Reconfiguration and Resurfacing of the Parking Lots
On any given Sunday, despite the best efforts of our parking lot volunteers, arriving and leaving Calvary is challenging due to the poor configuration of the parking lot. An improved parking lot will be welcoming to visitors and will help our church family as they enter and leave our facility. In addition to reconfiguring our traffic flow, Grace Beyond would also involve adding parking spots, resurfacing the parking lot, adding landscaping and constructing a new storage/equipment building.