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What is the goal of this building project?
Calvary Church’s mission is to be “Christ’s church in this place.” Our facilities are the hub of our ministry, the place where God works to bring about transformation: transformation that begins here, but literally extends around the world. After much prayer, the elders believe that our physical facility needs attention in order to meet our current and future needs as we seek to live out the mission to which God has called us.

Now that the congregation has affirmed that God is calling us to move forward with Grace Beyond, when will pledges begin?
On February 15 we will begin the next phase of the Grace Beyond project, pledging, with a special morning worship service. You will hear how you can be involved in the project, testimonies will be shared and we will have a devotion from Hebrews 11. In addition, giving brochures and pledge cards will be made available. We will collect pledge cards on or before, March 29.

What is the cost of the Grace Beyond project?
At this point, we understand that all of the costs associated with the project (design, construction, fixtures, furniture, mechanicals, etc.) will be approximately $25 million.

Is the church going to build when they receive all the funding or will the church finance some of the cost?
In order to begin the process, we will have to finance some of the initial construction costs on a short-term basis since the pledges will be given over a multi-year time period. Our hope is that God would provide generously through his people the entire $25 million in cash or pledges over a three-year period. While we may need a construction loan, our goal is that Calvary would have no debt at the end of the three years.

How long will this take?
From the time we break ground, we estimate the building process to take 16-18 months.

How long will we be out of the Sanctuary?
At this point, it appears we would not be able to worship in our Sanctuary for a period of approximately six months. We have an agreement in principle to hold Sunday morning worship at Calvin College while we are displaced from the Sanctuary.

What portion of the overall budget is the cost of the Sanctuary?
The cost of the Sanctuary renovations is approximately $1 million, or less than five percent of the total budget. The vast majority of the budget is to build the new children’s area, create improved community space with the addition of the new community gathering space, as well as renovate the Gym to be utilized as Student Ministries space.

Our goal is not to see significant growth in Sunday morning attendance, but rather to greatly improve the worship experience, while also increasing our seating, updating our traffic flow and making other significant changes to our building. We believe these improvements are worth our investment.


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