Frequently Asked Questions About Pledging

//Frequently Asked Questions About Pledging

Frequently Asked Questions About Pledging

How often will we receive updates on the amount that has been pledged toward Grace Beyond?
We will not be giving periodic updates during Lent of the amount pledged to Grace Beyond. The total amount pledged will be announced in the Sunday morning worship service on April 12.

Will anyone know what I have pledged?
Only a few select people in our Finance Department will be aware of what individuals and families have donated to Grace Beyond. As a reminder, the elders, pastoral staff and Grace Beyond committees will not know specific pledge information at any time.

How do I know how much to pledge?
On Sunday, Feb. 15, Pastor Tom outlined how to decide as a family what to pledge to Grace Beyond. That presentation, as well as the testimonial video, is available at In addition, if you would like to meet with a member of the finance team, please contact Ron Hass ( at 890-4414.

When will pledged giving begin?
We are asking our church family to make a three-year commitment to our Grace Beyond Building Project. That commitment is from April 2015-April 2018.

When may pledge cards be returned?
Pledge cards may be returned, on or before March 29 (Pledge Sunday), to the designated areas at the back of the Sanctuary or to the church reception desk.

I can’t find my pledge card, what should I do?
If you are unable to locate your pledge materials, additional packets are be available at the Information Center and at the church reception desk. You can also pledge online at or print out a hard copy to turn in to the Finance Office if you prefer.

I have a tangible gift that I’d like to donate toward this project, how should I proceed?
Rare books, works of art, valuable collectibles, and tangible items of demonstrable value may offer you an opportunity to make a significant gift. To make such a donation, please contact Chris Snedeker in the Finance Office at 956-9377, ext. 5137.

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