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Giving Update & Testimonies

Grace Beyond Giving Update

  • Total Giving Commitment to Date: $17,600,416
  • Cash Received: $9,947,484

Stories of Blessings Received Through Grace Beyond Giving
Earlier this year we heard God telling us that it was time to move to a larger house because of the five guests that will likely be with us for a long time. In short, we found and bought a much larger house for less than we expected and sold our house for more than we expected. We know that this was a direct answer to prayer! We have been in this new home for a month and it is working out great!
– Leigh Patten


When we were encouraged to pledge to Grace Beyond, I was not smiling. I said to myself, “Oy, why can’t we just do satellite church services, like other churches?” So I grumbled, and each Sunday morning I had to elbow my way down the halls after service.

You see, I live on a fixed income. I am retired, on social security, with no pension and a portfolio that fluctuates with the wind. But, I weighed the scales: 1) Calvary always prays and prays and then prays some more. 2) I trust my church’s integrity as you see the needs of the congregation.

But, I was not totally happy, I decided to give an extra $25 (not much) to my automatically deducted Calvary Church fund. Amazingly, somehow I didn’t feel the pinch! And, I started to look forward to the progress because I now was a part of it. Little did I know, the blessing was coming. When I filed my taxes, I received a refund that was much more than expected. My accountant said it was because I had more charitable contributions this year. Isn’t that a hoot?
– Barbara Clark

Early last year my wife and children really wanted to move since we were pretty cramped in our 975 sq ft home.  Having our small group over was impossible.  We made an offer on a home that seemed perfect but the door quickly closed.  At the same time our family started praying and asking God what He wanted us to give for Grace Beyond.  We all came to a conclusion on what that amount should be.   This giving would put moving on hold for a few years.  We all agreed obedience was the best decision.

Seven months later God began working circumstances so that not only moving became an option but our small house could be God’s provision for another family.  In miraculous ways, too many to count, God provided us with a house that is way beyond what we ever imagined.  It’s obvious that this is His house to be used to honor him.  We know what Pastor Samra means when he says, “You can’t make this stuff up.”
– Dan & Nicole Crawford

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