News From the Sanctuary

//News From the Sanctuary

News From the Sanctuary

Sanctuary Pews
In early April the pews were removed from the Sanctuary and many were donated to nine different churches. These churches span from Holland, Kalamazoo and Dorr to Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. The chairs from our overflow seating section were given to a Hispanic church in Holland.

Roof Successfully Raised
Praise the Lord that the roof lift was a success this past Monday. Thank you for your prayers.

For those who like the technical details, the following details are from our construction company: The lift went very well, and as of 2:15pm on April 18, we are locked off at 123,156 lbs of force, and a total roof deflection of 3/4” vertical. JDH’s computer model predicted the movement of the roof pretty precisely. The exterior walls all moved in unison; exactly 1/4” towards the center of the Sanctuary, and 1/8” of an inch vertically.

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