From February 15-March 29,  we will participate as a church family in the pledge phase of the Grace Beyond project. During this phase we will each prayerfully consider our involvement in the project through giving. For more about Grace Beyond, how to determine how much you should give and ways to give, view the Pledge Brochure below.

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Grace Beyond – Pledge Kickoff Sunday (February 15, 2015)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Pledge Process

Who will know how much I have given?
A Grace Beyond pledge is a pledge that you are making between you and the Lord. Only a select few people in the Finance Office will be aware of your pledge. The elders, pastoral staff and Grace Beyond committees will not know pledge information.

When will pledged giving begin?
We are asking our church family to make a three-year commitment to our Grace Beyond Building Project. That commitment is from April 2015-April 2018.

When may pledge cards be returned?
Pledge cards may be returned, on or before March 29 (Pledge Sunday), to the designated areas at the back of the Sanctuary or to the church reception desk.

If you have additional questions, please email

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