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Project Description

The second phase of the Grace Beyond building project included renovating our Sanctuary, adding an East-West Corridor on the main level of the church, constructing new ministry space for children and establishing a community gathering space on the same level as the Sanctuary.

Reconfigured Sanctuary for a Better Worship Experience
Gathering together for corporate worship is the most important thing we do as a church. It is in this assembly that God’s presence is felt most intimately. We  enhanced our Sanctuary so that everyone could have the fullest worship experience. The balcony was removed to eliminate many of our existing audio and visual concerns. The Sanctuary update also made the space more accessible to people with special needs or mobility issues.

As we renovated our Sanctuary, we had to vacate the worship space for ten months. During this season our Sunday morning services were held at Calvin College’s VanNoord Arena.

Wide, East-West Corridor Added on the Main Level
In order to address our internal traffic issues we created a wide corridor outside the Sanctuary, known as the Crosswalk, that guides people through the building. In addition to adding a corridor around the Sanctuary, this added multiple entry and exit points which greatly improves the flow between services. This also helped to eliminate distractions we experienced in our worship services.

Larger, Enhanced Community Space
One of our main goals at Calvary is to see every believer engaged in authentic Christian community. Our facility made it difficult for people to connect with one another. Creating designated space for fellowship affirmed that we believe in relationships centered around our shared faith. Centrally located on the main floor is our new Gathering Place — a welcoming, comfortable space that fosters community building and interaction.

Larger, More Secure, Better Quality Space for our Children
The goal of Calvary Kids is to guide children to trust and follow Christ for the rest of their lives. One way that we as a church family demonstrate God’s love to our children is by designating a secure, nurturing space designed especially for their unique needs. Grace Beyond has centralized Calvary Kids in a new addition built out to the northeast from our current Sanctuary on the lower level. It features two main entry points, creating a secure destination for parents and kids.

Project Details