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Room Naming


Much of our Grace Beyond conversations of late have been focused on the construction phase when we will all be flexibly juggling things around as we seek to continue our life as a church family while we are displaced from our church home. However, we also need to focus our attention on the end of that journey.

The plans you have seen include some names for various rooms that the architect put on them, but they don’t necessarily need to be the final names we call them. Since we have an opportunity to truly make our space reflect the people God has called us to be and the things He calls us to do, we want to consider alternatives.

The spaces under consideration are the Fellowship Hall, “Main Street” (the corridor between the Fellowship Hall and the Sanctuary), the Prayer Garden, and the Student Ministries area. We are also looking at naming the upper floor of rooms that will be used for adult ministry and meetings of various kinds. A floorplan with these rooms is at the top of this post.

Send your suggestions to by April 30. The building committee will look at all the suggested alternatives and hopefully when we are ready for groundbreaking, the floorplans you see will have some updated names that better reflect who we are here at Calvary.

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