Testifying to God’s Grace in Obedient Giving

//Testifying to God’s Grace in Obedient Giving

Testifying to God’s Grace in Obedient Giving

When my wife and I heard about Grace Beyond we knew that we wanted to be a part of giving but were not sure what amount. We began to pray about it, and a mentor encouraged us to consider our contribution in relation to the house we were building. He asked, “If you’re spending a certain amount on your own home, how much more important is God’s house?” From that conversation, God made it very clear about what we were to give, but I knew it would require sacrifice and a step in faith. Yet, what seemed like a large amount at the time paled in comparison to what God has given back to us since. I didn’t give expecting to receive, but God in his graciousness to me and my family has blessed us immensely. The verse in Malachi 3 represents exactly what we experienced: when we brought to the Lord what He asked, He in return threw open the floodgates of heaven and poured out more blessing than we could have ever expected.


Since we were young we’ve heard — “you can’t out give God.” While we also don’t believe that you should give to get, it has often been difficult to step out on faith. This past year our family was encouraged to really go for it with Grace Beyond. Have you ever heard God laugh? Not only did He allow us to give our pledge to Grace Beyond, he also increased our income. We were blessed to take a previously unheard of two-week family vacation last summer.He provided enough money to replace some worn out kitchen appliances. Then, just because He can, God threw in a free, long weekend getaway for mom and dad. All the time God is good… guess who increased their Grace Beyond pledge for 2016!

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